Colin White

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Date: September 15, 2017

Classically handsome Colin White is full of smiles and warmth as we sit down to chat. Learning a little bit about him, his move to the UK from Poland with his real life and porno counterpart Endo Black (Black and White, see what they did there?) Colin is all top, is all about the ass and loves to rim so I imagine that’s what’s going through his mind as he starts to get horned up, feeling himself through his see-through red vest and drifting into his own filthy imagination. His long cock almost peeks out of the bottom of his silky short-shorts as he runs his fingers over the fabric and his dick. Leaning back against the lockers he tweaks his nipples and closes his eyes, caressing his own soft skin. The shorts come down and the dick comes out, and what a great one it is! 8” or so, thick and heavy with a downward curve, he spits on his hand and res his sensitive bell-end, getting himself, more excited.
He tenses his abs, flexes his chest and starts to walk slowly. Bending over he shows off his smooth hole, pushing his big dick back between his legs. Although he’s more top, he’s not afraid to show off, licking his fingers and sliding a couple up his tight hole, teasing and writhing as he does. Laying back on the bench he builds up a steady rhythm, licking his lips, his breath gets shorter, he stands up to straddle the bench, taking aim to fire his load. We love big cumshots here at UKHotJocks… but this blew our minds! From the far end of the bench he sprays his absolutely gigantic load all the way across it, across the floor and right to the very edge of the set, almost out of it!! we reckon about a 10ft cum shot… holy shit!! This guy is one to watch, brand new but performs like a pro in every way. Thanks Colin!