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Hugh STUFFD by Dolf

Hugh STUFFD by Dolf

Jan 13, 2017

Sam STUFFD by Jack

Sam STUFFD by Jack

Jan 27, 2017

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Date: December 23, 2016

Electric blue lighting fizzes over sweaty skin and glints in the corner of the eyes of the powerful toy wielders and the very brave men about to take them. Big toys for our big Hot Jock boys, teased by the tops and only played with at first, feels practically soft core compared with what's about to come. There are no small choices, sometimes theres no choice at all and if it doesn't fit, the top-cock-cooks in the STUFFD kitchen will make it!! Starring STUFFD Jocks Leander, Sam Barclay, Gaston Croupier, Hugh Hunter, Dolf Dietrich, Jack Green and Gabriel Phoenix