Tyler Underwood

When this boy walked into the office we could not believe how super cute he was! Absolutely adorable. Tyler Underwood isn't all good looks though, he's a natural performer, when we first let the cameras roll on him, on his first ever shoot he completely rocked it, like he'd been doing this for years (he said he had been, in his bedroom!) So sweet and so full of Irish charm you just want to pinch his cheeks and slap his cute little butt! In his spare time he hits the gym 5 times a week and he's looking great for it, rocking a pumped chest and boat shoulders. Speaking of large things, he's packing an absolute colossal cock, pretty close to 9" of poker straight, pure Irish meat, bloody hell! This guy really is the whole package and then some.

Model Stats

Location Dublin, Ireland
Age 24
Height 5ft 10ins
Weight 70kg
Hair Medium, blond
Eyes green
Cock 8.5ins, uncut
Role versatile
Orientation gay

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