Allen King

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Date: May 1, 2015

Total heartthrob and cutie pie Allen King packs some serious sexual performance into this short video. He absolutely knows how to work the cameras, not too much or too little, just right. Teasing the viewer with a flicker of his stunning eyes then cast back down his inch perfect body and impressive bulge. This boy was made for jock straps, we seriously can’t imagine him in any other underwear. His pinchable, spankable and very edible arse on show and ever growing hard bulge around the front. It’s time to release his beast and boy he doesn’t disappoint here either, his thick and skyward pointing 9” cock almost detracts your attention from the rest of his beauty! Sniffing his used jock strap and chucking it on the floor he then strokes with a slow determination, goal in sight but no rush to get there, like a true performer he’s making the most of every moment. Every muscle tensing and exciting in just the right way!