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Date: September 4, 2015

Cute looks, brooding eyes and a masculine attitude Brute is intriguing and endearing with a great sense of humour. We laugh together, talk about his life and his explosion on the porn scene. From a gypsy background he's got a strong work ethic which he extends to his on screen endeavours, he takes it very seriously but obviously has a natural talent for it.
The rustle of his hand groping and rubbing his cock through polyester gym shorts is only broken up by the sound of his deep groaning and breathing. Stripping out of his skin tight grey Nike dri-fit top he shows off his perfectly smooth muscular body, soft skin, pert nipples and an obviously not wearing underwear under his shorts, that's a very inviting bulge! The shorts come down and the Club springs out, a magnificent cock to complement the rest of this stunning guy. Hard, thick 8.5 veiny inches stands up right and loves to be stroked, spat on and played with. Bending over he shows off his untouched and untouchable hole, we like Brute as a top and have no desire to change that but his cute unobtainable butt is still great to look at. Relaxing, he sits down and builds up his wanking pace before standing up and shooting a torrent of white cum over our black bench.