Damien Ryder

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Date: October 13, 2017

Welcome super sexy, handsome and all round sweetheart Damien Ryder to the locker room! First off, lets get to know the guy, find out what makes him tick. From Nottingham originally but now an adopted Mancunian, his soft and gentle Northern English accent is an absolute delight to hear, he could charm the pants off anyone with that alone! He loves playing rugby and looks damn fine in this kit too, filling many sexual fantasies there. Personally he’s more bottom/vers but loves to top an older guy, I’m sure they don’t complain either way! Getting down to the action, Damien runs his hands all over his kit, over his thighs and up his rugby shorts. Takes off one of his trainers and gives its a good horny sniff, we love a man who likes his own scent! Standing up his hands run underneith his shirt, tweaking his nipples and lifting it up. Stripping off a bit he gets his shorts and shirt off, wearing some bright red compression shorts and seriously packing out the front. Now just in white socks and very tight shorts, he slowly peels down the back to show off his arse, turning around to show his massive lob-on in his shorts, almost going around his leg! He’s gotta get it out, pulling the shorts down and letting it spring up, thick, heavy and veiny. He spits on his cock, getting it wet and making that horny sound when you wank. Tweaking his nipples, beating off and leaning against the locker, he’s horny as fuck, balls swinging and head rolling back. He grabs a shoe for another deep sniff, drops it to the floor and gobs on his cock again. Laying back on the bench, he keeps going, licking his fingers and shoving them up his smooth hole to get off, first one then two, pulling out and stretching his hole open for the camera. Really finger blasting this hole now, he’s rock solid and ready to shoot. Spraying out his thick white load over his tight stomach, he takes a few fingerfulls up to his mouth for a taste.