David Paw

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Date: January 20, 2017

Dark and brooding David Paw is the sexy silent type. Big, wide eyes so deep brown they're almost black and incredible bone structure, he's reminicent of an ancient Egyptian Pharo, a boy prince. And while he is very boyish he's got a steely attitude and a dominant air about him. The Pharo also happens to be blessed with a super thick 9" obelisk of a cock! In yellow and black socks and a wrestling singlet that barely contains his manhood. Cock resting sideways, it almost reaches around to his hip! Flopping out with a mental thud he's already half hard and is dying to play with himself... who wouldn't! The straps for his singlet come down and his dick gets harder, he teases his big shiny head and wanks the thick shaft, thicker than his own grip. Building up to a massive shot finish, wow! Has to be seen to be believed!