Dmitry Osten

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Date: December 25, 2015

Sexy and cute Dmitry in his white footie shorts and vest chats to us about his home town of Moscow. Despite what some people may think it's apparently a lovely and vibrant city, though extremely cold as you might expect! All thoughts of that are cast aside with this scorching hot boy. A smiley and lovely character but when he brings his sexual performance it's all about being a cheeky, cocky bad-boy... we like this side of Dmitry very much! Completely exuding sex appeal, teasing his hot smooth and muscular body, pinching his nipples and no bad boy is complete without plenty of crotch grabbing, although this is about to go much further, The vest goes back over his head and his shorts come down to reveal a sexy jock strap that can barely contain his surprisingly massive cock. He shows off his arse, sliding some fingers in there and pulling his cheeks apart. His jock framed butt perfectly toned and tanned. Turning around there is no hiding or even any point in trying to conceal his huge 9" dick poking out of the top. The jock comes off and he beats it hard, groaning all the way through, a filthy soundtrack to a sexy boys performance. He hits it hard and slaps his dick on his tight abs before shooting a thick and creamy load up them!