Dolf Dietrich

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Date: December 23, 2016

Dolf Dietrich is a classic male fantasy but with a twist, tall, dark, handsome and hung-as-hell! He's smart, artistic and by his own admission a filthy pig! Juggling life between being a bone-fide porn star an artistic director in his own company, living in NYC, with his gorgeous fellow porn star boyfriend. He seems like a man who has it all and then some! A smattering of tattoos on his gorgeous tanned skin peek through his sweaty sportswear, just a hint of his impressive artistic coverage. He's had a hard workout today and seriously needs to blow off some steam, wiping his dewy face with the bottom of his vest, he's done and wants to get off. Groping, eye contact, stripping, but not as you know it. He brings an energy, pure sex, fun and absolute care free exhibitionism to every movement and stroke. We love a guy who's clearly getting off on being filmed and plays up to the camera in a big way. Soaking himself with his water bottle, cooling of a little for the hot show ahead. Water trickles down his muscular front, down to the pouch of a soaked blue jock bursting at the seams with tension. Enough foreplay, he gets out his fucking huge, hard dick, stares down the lens of the camera and goes for it. Slow at first but with determination he brings up the boil, teasing his sensitive cock and picking up the pace. His own deep groans fill the locker room and seem to engorge him all the more. Deeper, louder, higher. He's gonna cum and we're gonna know all about it!