Frank Klein

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Date: August 9, 2013

Frank wanders in to our locker room set and being a natural show off it isn't long before he's stripping and playing with himself! Twisting his nipples and stroking his smooth pale body you can tell the boy is really getting into himself. Stripped down to a yellow jock and socks, he looks like a real dirty guy, just the way we like them! Pulling out a couple of toys from one of the red lockers he sets to work on his hole. Using a big transparent/blue dildo first he lays back and slides it in, squirming with pleasure as he does. Sitting up, he starts to ride it, showing off his hole to the camera. Taking a break form the toys he sticks a few fingers in there to loosen himself up further. Now opting for a black vibro plug he puts one foot up on a bench and really stuffs it in there. Clearly enjoying the sensation he lays back, feet up on the locker so the weight of the plug holds it on his prostate and wanks off onto himself. it's exhausting just watching him!