Harley Everett

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Date: August 23, 2013

Muscle stud Harley is the definition of man mountain. At 6'4" He towers over most men and we're pretty sure that's part of his appeal!
After a hard workout Harley likes nothing more than relieving the tension, usually by taking it out on some guy but since he's on his own, he'll have to make do. Stripping off, he watches himself in a mirror opposite, there's some real hot self-love going on here! He grabs a bottle of baby-oil and begins to pour it over that massive chest of his, rubbing it into his pumped up body, over his unique tattoos and pale skin, sliding his hands down into his jock. He sloshes more oil onto himself, soaking his big cock and balls. Leaning up against some lockers, he tugs away at his slippery dick, getting harder by the second. Looking for something to fuck, he pulls out a clear flesh jack and some lube. Filling up the jack with lube he forces his fat bulbous cock head into it, thrusting and pumping as it constricts his dick. He grunts and groans, enjoying the experience. Building up the tempo he reaches an almighty climax, pulling out and beating furiously, spraying his load everywhere!