James Castle

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Date: October 30, 2015

Photogenic, sporty and incredibly sexy James Castle conceals his incredible body under his shiny, well fitting sports gear and not so much with his shorty shorts! A south western English country boy born and raised we talk a little about his life how he's travelled and lived in different places, here in Manchester being one of them so he's happy to be back!
Hands wander, sports gear ruffles and rides up. Breathing heavily, James is obviously horny and can't wait to get his kit off! He really enjoys working his body for the camera and showing off - and so do we! He cracks out the baby oil, the perfect accompaniment to a totally ripped torso. His lightly hairy body glistens with every drop, spraying a few lines of oil across his chest and letting it descend down every abdominal crevice and serratus before he rubs is in. Down to just a jock he shows us his hole and tight little butt, pulling his cheeks apart. Beating off his thick cock, starring the camera down and getting close to the point of no return he blows a massive load. Oil, abs and cum... perfect combo!