JP Dubois

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Date: May 13, 2016

The tables turn as co-studio owner and director JP Dubois takes to the locker room! It’s been a long time coming, promising the loyal UKHotJocks members and the fans that he’ll star in a Locker Jock scene, so here he is! Theres been quite a physical transformation with this self styled and self professed pornographer. When he started the studio with Sam Barclay all those years ago he was very boyish looking, toned, cute and more of a buff edgy twink. Rocking right up to date he’s the absolute embodiment of his own brand, a muscular super-jock! Sam and JP chat about how it feels to be on the other side of the camera and about his journery from boy to man in the public eye, it’s kind of strange having your fans watch you grow up over the years! JP starts us off with some light exercise, pumping up his chest, arms and shoulders with some bench grip press-ups. Poised, precise and perfect technique is obvious here, he’s done a few off these before! Then some straight leg ab crunches, tightening up that core, as if it needs it! You could literally do your laundry on those bad boys! Pumped and certainly horny he gets down to business. Crotch grabbing, nipple tweaking and slow stripping, all the while giving the camera a sexy squinting stare, I’m sure he’s determined to perform the fuck out of this scene, with all the pressure of all the jocks who have gone before him! Pulling his tight black and yellow shorts down over his massive bubble butt, he’s a killer tease! Even more so with his thick 8.5” cock, sprinting it out of it spandex prison, twitching and absolutely solid. He beats off, tensing his muscular frame without even trying, sucking his fingers before stuffing them up his arse, he’s definitely having fun with this! Relaxing back on the bench he’s got another filthy little plan, taking off one of his black and yellow high-top trainers off he hesitates for a second, then stuffs his face in the hole, taking a deep whiff of his own sweaty scent, which gets him off even more. A few big inhalations and much more wanking and he’s ready to shoot. Gripping the bench, body flexing, convulsing and cum shooting… Well done JP, you did us proud!