JP Richards

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Date: February 20, 2015

Cute, sexy, dirty and playful. There are many ways to describe JP Richards but over all, this guy is loads of fun. He seriously knows how to work the cameras, glaring down the lens at whoever might be looking back at him. His muscular legs look great in his bright orange sporty leggings, his pecs bursting out of the black stringer vest, giving him easy access to tweak his own nipples. His hard, thick, veiny cock pressing though his bottoms, showing every vascular curve and contour. Getting his big dick out he jerks, strips and gets into himself even further. Playing with his big bubble butt and pulling his cheeks apart he fancies something more up there. Reaching into a locker he pulls out a black cock and balls shaped dildo before cramming it into his tight pink ring. Groaning and howling in pleasure he fills his arse up as much as he can, loosening his hole and building himself closer to cumming.