Koby Lewis

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Date: March 3, 2017

In a red and white singlet, socks and sneakers the super cute Koby Lewis sits in the locker room. He's full of energy and can't wait to crack on and show off for the camera. We have a natural exhibitionist here folks! Firstly we chat a little, learning a bit about what makes Koby tick. He's a horny boy from the English West Country, prefers to bottom and he likes big dicks. Enough said!
Looking like a fresh young Jock in his almost virginal white gear, fresh meat he is but inexperienced he is not! Giving himself a good rub down, he reaches for the baby oil, slicking up his tight body, getting right in between each ab crevice, making his cute cub paw print tattoos shiny and giving the camera a sexy glance. Tweaking his nipples and breathing deeply, the straps come down, his cock is getting harder and can't really be contained by the singlet anymore. Pulling his dick out, he's so hard and skyward pointing it practically follows the line of his hard stomach straight up. I swear it touches his belly button when he's upright, hands free! One of those hard-one that could save the universe!! Or something!
Beating himself off super slowly, feeling every inch of his cock up and down, he grabs a toy out of a nearby locker. Black, ridged and cone shaped, he lubes it up, sticks it to the bench and straddles it. Easing him self all the way down on it and back up again, you can tell he's enjoying every bump! Bouncing up and down on his new toy, he's giving us a real show! Laying back, pushing the plug in as deep as he can into his bubble butt you can tell he could take a lot more. Bringing himself close to the edge, he's gonna cum, spurting on his tight abs. Exhausted, he flops back on the bench, sticky, Lubey and sweaty.


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