Kyle Fortune

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Date: April 28, 2017

Kyle was nervous about doing his first shoot but after we showed him the toys and got him in the locker room he seemed happy enough! We have a chat about his life and what life is like in sunny Scotland, he's a hard working hairdresser so took the time out to especially to come down to Manchester and make some porn, yeah! We gave him a choice of plugs to play with, some pretty big ones at that. Pulling his vest over his head to frame his shoulders, he runs his hands over his deeply tanned torso and into his little yellow shorts. A hardening cock print appears in the soft jersey fabric, he’s not wearing underwear. The shorts come down and the dick springs up, solid, cut and in need of a trim grip. He beats off slowly, loads of eye contact with the camera. Reaching into a nearby locker he pulls out a cone shaped translucent butt plug which is deceptively big as I think he discovers on trying to get it in for the first time! The widest point is bigger than you expect! Lots of groans and it’s finally in, he wanks his cock at the same time with relief. tagging on it he loosens his hole, getting himself to the stage where he can pull it fully out and push it back in again, giving his arse a hot gape, he seriously works his hole! Laying back on the bench with the toy still in, he jerks harder and faster, building up an inevitable rhythm to a big load cum shot!