Mickey Taylor

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Date: December 29, 2017

Well this is a nice surprise! Good friend of Sam and myself (JP) Mickey Taylor in the studio! He’s helped us out behind the camera a few times and has done more than his share of helping us cast movies. We have a chat about how he is, what makes him tick and what he gets up to. He’s certainly a man of many talents and ambitions. Check out the 6 minute interview for more on that!
Stunning, heavily tattooed Mickey sits in the locker room in singlet and jock combo, he’s already horny as hell and gets straight into it. With a shock of blue hair and a dirty look in his eye, he tugs in the straps of his singlet and stuffs his hands into the crotch. Standing up, the straps gradually come down and he teases us with his hefty bubble butt. He’s hard in his jock, bulging all over the place so he pulls the pouch to one side and springs out. Griping his hard, tattooed cock he begins to pump it as he sheds the singlet. He hangs his arse over the edge of the bench and warms up his hole with his fingers… quite a few of them! This boy is no stranger to arse-play, getting out a long, bumpy dildo he sticks to to the bench and hops on. Riding and grinding with his back facing to us he pushes himself pretty hard to take as much as he can. New toy time! A very, very thick one! He leans back on the lockers and edges himself down onto it, seriously stretching his hole with every centimeter and beating his cock, moaning and groaning he’s ready to shoot. Mickey is kinda notorious for his huge cum shots… and this is no disappointment!