Sam Wallis

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Date: January 5, 2017

Hot Bearded man Sam sits alone in the locker room. Him and our other man, behind the cam Sam (Ok, I’ll stop!) chat about his life and what made him want to get his kit off for the masses, literally, he’s in a white Manchester United football kit! Admittedly we put him in the kit as he admits to us that he’s never really been north of London before, typical southerner! He’s definitely rocking the bearded lumber-look, it suits him. blue eyes, sharp haircut, he’s a very modern man. Stripping off the kit we also see he’s totally ripped too, good chest and deep cut abs. The shorts come down leaving him in a jock and white socks, the blue of the jock pouch matches his eyes. Theres a certain shyness about him which only adds to his intrigue. Cracking out the baby oil he gets to work on glistening up that cut bod, getting horny the jock can’t contain his big cock any more, springing out a thick 8” beast. Slowly working the oil onto his dick he throws his head back with that hot lube feeling. Now just wearing socks and hard cock we’re happy to watch him stroke, moan and sigh, building up the pressure and getting close to bursting!