Leon Teal

When you see Leon Teal, you instantly think 'Sexy, filthy scally boy' and yes... woof! However theres so much more to Leon, he goes a lot deeper than most, he's sweet, caring and intelligent. He's well read, and loves to continue to educate himself. We had the pleasure of meeting Leon in a last minute/desperate casting situation, in a remote location for a movie! Luckily he was a local Welsh boy, came and saved our movie and was far more than a replacement, a star was born! So lets get back to that surface stuff, covered in stunningly artistic tatt's, he's really eye catching! A bottom guy... a big bottom guy at that! He's got a killer bubble butt and the perfect porn arch*, who wouldn't want to hit that! (*that's the technical term for the bend in the lower back, above your butt!) Welcome to UKHotJocks Leon!

Model Stats

Location Cardiff, Wales,
Age 24
Height 6ft
Weight 80kg
Hair , black
Eyes Brown
Cock 8",
Role bottom
Orientation gay

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