David Lambert Tied & Bound By Frank Valencia

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Date: May 1, 2019

Strung up and left. David Lambert languishes, waits and wonders when his boss will come back. Wrists elevated and tied to each side of the room, knelt up with ankles strapped down. The boy is fixed, still and frustrated. In walks Frank Valencia, a mass of muscles, tattoos and dominance. He teases his boi, playing with his tight and stretched out body, slapping his bubble butt and twisting his nipples hard. Not that David can put up a fight but he is clearly enjoying the torment! Climbing up, crotch to face level Frank gets his hard and super thick meat out. Slapping his victims face and stuffing the full length down his throat, he is just warming up. Building the pace he facefucks David, since there are no hands in the way. Making him gag, spit and drool while he grunts and growls with oral pleasure. Pulling his shorts off, David's hard cock springs out, sliding underneath his raised body he fucks him in the same position. Making him use the ropes as leverage so he can bounce on his thick cock.