Hugh STUFFD by Dolf

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Date: January 13, 2017

Boyfriends Hugh Hunter and Dolf Dietrich are afraid to go hard and we mean really hard in the STUFFD pit! Dolf, standing 6'5" tall in zip front shorts that can barley contain his massive hardening cock and a leather mesh chest piece with a metal D-ring, he's the man in charge towering above anyone, even stacked Hugh in his mega tight black and blue wrestler. Muscle and bulges bursting out everywhere! Sloppy kisses start and zips are slowly, teasingly pulled down. Hugh to Dolf, Mouth to dick, showing some real skill and love devouring all 9" to the back of his throat. Again and again, Making a fucking mess as he does, just the way we like it! Flip reverse and we think it's only possible that big Dolf could manage to take the almighty thickness of Hugh's cock entirely in his mouth, I challenge any skilled sucker to match this feat! Down to business and Dolf selects and taunts Hugh with a choice, an handled toy with a thick arrow head.. but it's not going up his arse just yet. Forcing him to get it wet first, positively shoving it down his throat, making him gag and begging for it to fill his other hole, Dolf does exactly that. Stuffing it in and pushing it deep, Hugh takes it like a total pro, literally begging for more, "please, sir, please", woof. More it is, 2nd selection is definitely for the more experienced bottom, a very thick truncheon of a dildo. Dolf really works his fuck hole here, straddling over him, forcing him to sit down hard on it, angling it up high and plunging it in to really give him the full feeling, there is no mercy here! Flipping him onto his back it's time for some good old fashioned fucking!sliding his 9" rock hard dick into his hole, this is more like it for Hugh, he's loosened up, loving it... almost like theres room for one more. Fuck it, Dolf grabs the first dildo again and STUFFS it in as well as his cock! Now here are some noises we haven't heard out of muscle man Hugh in this session, he's definitely being stretched to his limits! Dildo and Dolf Double fuck is NOT for the feint hearted!! This man deserves an award!