JP Dubois

Hi, I'm JP and I'm the one who writes everything on the site! I'm a versatile guy: top for the younger cute ones and bottom for the hot muscle and/or daddies! I'm ginger, young looking, smooth and hung... well, it's gotten me pretty far! Fiercely intelligent with no common sense, I'm a Scottish boy living in Manchester and porn has been my life for a few years now, I've even been called a veteran by some. I absolutely love what I do, so Sam (my partner) and I thought we'd start a studio and make this website for you. I hope you like it as much as we do!

Co-Creator and Director of UKHotJocks with Sam Barclay

Model Stats

Location Manchester, Scotland
Age 26
Height 5ft 11ins
Weight 66kg
Hair Short, red
Eyes Brown
Cock 8.5ins, uncut
Role versatile
Orientation gay

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