Jake Kelvin

What a fine specimen! Jake is tall, ripped and almost too beautiful for a man! Statuesque like Michelangelo's David, he is incredibly proportioned. Bottom boy Jake has abs like Gods cheese-grater, arms as big as your head and an arse you would want to get lost in. It doesn't all come easy though as Jake trains very hard in the gym and is a competitive sprinter. Underneath the muscular and highly lickable exterior Jake is actually quite a shy and sweet guy, which just adds to how endearing he is. A local boy he's born and bred here in Manchester, so expect to see a lot more of him! He really is the epitome of a UKHotJock.

Model Stats

Location Manchester UK, England
Age 22
Height 6ft 0ins
Weight 76kg
Hair Short, Dark Brown
Eyes Brown
Cock 7ins, uncut
Role bottom
Orientation gay

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