Brute Club

Brute Club is an absolute breath of fresh air when it comes to porn. Firstly he's a stunning guy, devilishly handsome and trains his body hard, which is very obvious to see. He also takes his porn really seriously. A dedicated guy who's honing his craft for a long career in the business, you don't see much of that around these days! We've caught him right in the middle of his transition from Jock boy into hunk. A definite bad boy attitude and style, straight, to the point and down to earth he knows what he wants and how to get it. He's also extremely hung and thick... and he is a gold star top, in that he's never bottomed. Not that we'd ever want or ask him to! Stick to what you're excellent at buddy ;)

Model Stats

Location London, England
Age 24
Height 5ft 8ins
Weight 69kg
Hair Short, black
Eyes Black
Cock 8.5ins, uncut
Role Top
Orientation gay

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