Philip Tiger

If you like a bit of rough, cheeky and chavvy Philip is for you. Tall and lean, this guys body definition is insane! He's got abdominals like we've never seen before, creases and serratus muscles Where we didn't even know you could get them.
He's very sporty, spends a lot of time in the gym as well as playing tennis, a keen badminton player and swimmer he's a real Brit jock.
Top and hung is also just how we like them! Packing over 8 thick inches in his pants, when hard it stands upright and girthy next to his mega lean stomach, we're surprised the guy hasn't got back ache from the weight. Welcome Philip!

Model Stats

Location Crawley, England
Age 28
Height 6ft 0ins
Weight 70kg
Hair Cropped, Dark Brown
Eyes Brown
Cock 8ins, uncut
Role Top
Orientation gay

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