Dolf Dietrich

Dolf Dietrich is a hot, heavy beast of a man! Theres something very primal about him, like the modern and eloquent caveman, it’s extremely sexy! Tattoos half cover this extremely impressive specimen of a guy. All American, full of enthusiasm and spunk but also full of charm, smiles and a genuinely warm character. At 6'5" you might find him initially intimidating but the truth is far from it, he's a sweet and gentle giant and all in great glorious proportion, he's packing a serious US 9" missile in his pants! A born porn performer, he has a way of turning up the heat in anything he's doing, the flash for his dark eyes or a cheeky wry smile is enough to get any man hard! We're glad to get him in our stable of studs, welcome Dolf!

Model Stats

Location NYC, USA
Age 45
Height 6ft 5ins
Weight 99kg
Hair Cropped, black
Eyes Brown
Cock 9ins, cut
Role top/versatile
Orientation gay

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