Josh Moore

Sometimes a model walks into your studio and you can't believe how lucky you are that they've chosen to work for you, Josh Moore is one of those models. To paraphrase a favourite movie he is really, really, ridiculously good looking! Super cute and handsome in equal measure, amazing bone structure, he's just built to be beautiful! He's got the whole 'hot AND cute' thing going on which is an extremely rare thing! At 6ft 2" he could be a runway model, thank the porn gods and us that he's chosen to go down this road. Tall, tanned, absolutely biteable bubble butt and a whopping 9" cock! Believe it or not with all this going on he's also an absolute sweetheart, hard working, charming and utterly beguiling. If you're looking for a genuine future porn star, you've found one.

Model Stats

Location Dover, England
Age 23
Height 6ft 2ins
Weight 80kg
Hair Short, light brown
Eyes blue
Cock 9ins, uncut
Role top/versatile
Orientation gay

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