Colin White

Cutie-pie Colin looks pure, innocent and like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. The reality is he’s a dirty hardened top who loves to fuck and especially loves to eat ass, for him it’s all about the ass! He’s packing a nice thick and curved cock for the job too. Very youthful looks, perfect smooth skinned boy with a tight muscle body and a peachy butt! Colin is a total natural too, having never had a professional photo shoot before it took about 5 clicks before he was moving with the camera and posing like the best of them, his video performance also blew us away for a very talented newbie! Speaking of being blown away… cum shots… oh my god! If you’re a lover of cum you HAVE to check out his scenes!! Impressive credentials aside, he’s got an very warm and inviting demeanour, really easy to talk to, smart, articulate and the perfect gentleman. Polish by nationality but a recent mover to the UK, so far he’s loving it here. We love having him here!

Model Stats

Location Manchester,
Age 31
Height 6ft
Weight 75kg
Hair , brown
Eyes Hazel
Cock 8",
Orientation gay

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